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Testimonials for Interactive Equine Bodywork

“Thanks for saving the day, Christy!  Charm is feeling much better already!  I’m so relieved!!”   – Laurie Brander

“Thank you Christy, for working with Jack. I know he’s a handful but that’s what we love about him.”   -Catherine Gottschalk, Arizona American Saddlebred Rescue.

“George and I love you Christy!!!!”– Cortney Jones

“We agree as well. Christy, you are a miracle horse whisperer! Your work is priceless. Thank you!” – The Scofield’s

“When I am working on clients in the Yavapai area, I refer Interactive Equine body work, to my clients for their horses tension, attitude, or to keep their horses supple for sports or for trail riding.  I find that my adjustments last quite a bit longer if Christy has worked with them before my appointment with them.  The horse is relaxed and easier to adjust as a chiropractor.  Thanks, Christy!” – Dr. Jeffrey Stires

“Thank you!! Clayton is feeling so much better!  He is finally able to lay down and take a nap!  Thank you, Christy!” – Lisa Albillar

“Thank you for caring so much about Doxie. Means SO much to us. You have a gift, you are amazing at what you do…please don’t ever stop!”– Tracey Morgan

“Thank you for all you do for our furry kids!” – Susan and John Kordish

“Ruby and Rocky are happy campers! Thank you Christy with InteractiveEquine body work!” – Holly Shanahan

“Love the work this woman does.” – Bonnie Ebsen Jackson

“I wish you could come along on all my cases, Christy.  The horse is so much more relaxed and easy to perform the procedures on.  It is a safer environment for everyone involved because the horse is more relaxed and at ease.” – Dr. Jim Bleak, DVM, Central Arizona Equine

“She has worked on my dogs and cats and they LOVE her!” –  Rose Miller, Author

“Christy is AMAZING!” – Kandice Banks

“Make your appointments, Christy is awesome! Interactive Equine Body Work“ – Renee Ralston

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