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Booking your horse's session with

Interactive Equine Bodywork

My starting location is in Prescott, Arizona.  I offer Equine Acupressure/Bodywork services in Central and Northern Arizona.

As you schedule your horse events, horseback rides, competitions, horse training, dental, shoeing, and chiropractic appointments, you might like to get in touch with me to book a session ahead of time to go along with those appointments.  If we can get them co-ordinated as closely as possible your horse will be more relaxed during, as well as will feel better, be more focused and more grounded afterward.

As your Horse progresses: 


Each session for your horse is customized to fit their specific needs.  As the horse exhibits where the habit of holding their tension is, we may realize that multiple sessions are needed to retrain them on how to carry themselves to keep that pattern/habit from recurring on a regular basis.

The endless benefits of Equine Bodywork


In most cases multiple sessions may be needed for you to really see, and for your horse to develop and maintain a different way of moving.

(Typically I have found that most horses respond within 3-6 sessions, at one per week, depending on how long they have had an issue.)

I have also found that it helps enormously with chiropractic visits lasting longer, having less to adjust during visits, and the horses being more comfortable during the adjustments.

It works well to help horses with farrier issues.

It helps get a horse back to a more relaxed state in their jaw after a dental as well.



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