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Acupressure, and various forms of bodywork for your horse.

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I believe that if the horse can “feel” you, or “sense” you, you are going to be able to have a deeper connection and enjoy your time together in the way that the horse uses their senses to work with you during sports, training, riding or just interacting on a daily basis.  It makes an incredible difference in the horses ability to translate what you are trying to communicate with them through your body signals.

I started as a massage therapist for people and quickly learned that needleless acupuncture using electro therapeutic point stimulation (e-stim) worked wonders in unison with massage… enter one owner that loved her Arabian enough for me to translate that into acu-pressure and massage along with watching the horses cues – and my business was born!  It’s using the right combination of pressure in my touch, as well as knowing where the horse needs relief.  I have a great sense of service to these amazing animals that often change the rider, or owners life, for the better.  I love what I do, and you and your horse will too!

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