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31 year old Horse gets greater circulation with acupressure

The following is a short story about a new client and her 31 year old horse’s success with greater circulation.  The owner had been working with her horse using a therapy light that she likes with some wonderful visible successes.  She was curious to see what it was that I did with the horses and how it worked for them since these experiences were in her background already.  When we first started at the horse’s poll not a whole lot of visible response was evident at first.  Then as we chatted and worked on her horse making our way through the session and the horses body, we saw the basic telltale signs of relaxation and interaction that I look for from the horse; lowering of the neck, jaw movement, snorting, licking, chomping, and connection to me via turning around to look at me or smell my hands.  The barn was busy with the farrier and clients moving around and doing what they needed to do along with dogs moving around and new horses being dropped off and getting situated.  She kept relaxing during all of this with the occasional interest in portions of it.  As we reached areas that she had been holding tension for however long it had been there, we would see her respond and release it once again licking, chomping or chewing and moving her jaw or reaching back to smell my hands and connect.  Finally we reached the area of a major injury that the owner had worked with many times on her own with great success in her horse releasing tension resulting in greater movement and comfort for the horse and the rider.  So, we get to this area in the hind end and the horse starts to yawn, one after the other she offers up effortlessly, stretching and moving her own jaw widely and to the left and right working the muscles in a relaxed state.  Our conversation turned to that and how exciting it was to see her yawn that big.  On the follow up call with the owner she related this event about the first ride after our first session, “Normally I ride with a particular horse and friend and my horse and I end up trying to keep up, I just thought that this was the way it was going to go due to her age and injuries etc., well not today! Today she was the lead horse and her movement was more fluid and farther reaching than it has been before! We had a wonderful time and we look forward to our next session with you!”   Thank you – I always love to hear how much fun you are having with your horse and your horse with you.

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